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2013 COSMOS Team Meeting
20-24 May 2013

held in
International Conference Hall III
at Clock Tower Centennial Hall
Kyoto University

(Note: Clock Tower Centennial Hall opens at 9:00 am).


19 May (Sun)

[16:00–20:00] Registration & informal reception at Clock Tower Hall

20 May (Mon)

[12:00–13:00] <<< Registration / Coffee >>>

[13:00] Welcome & Introduction

Y. Taniguchi / T. Nagao     Welcome address

P. Capak / N. Scoville / S. Lilly     Overview of conference and goals

[13:30] Overview Talks (30 min / talk)

S. Lilly     Galaxy evolution and self control

L. Kewley     The evolution of optical strong lines across cosmic time [Abst]

M. Carollo     How does quenching affect galaxy size, structure and morphology? [Abst]

[15:00–15:30] <<<Coffee >>>

[15:30] Overview Talks

A. Renzini     Internal structure and kinematics of galaxies in COSMOS (30 min)

P. Capak     High-z galaxy formation (30 min)

K. Jahnke     Black holes in COSMOS: past and future – part I (20 min)

J. Silverman     Black holes in COSMOS: past and future – part II (20 min)

[17:10] Discussion

[17:40] Working Groups (meeting rooms II, III, IV available until 20:00)

21 May (Tue)

[09:00–09:30] <<< Registration / Coffee / Light Breakfast >>>

[09:30] Galaxy Evolution (15 min / talk)

O. Ilbert     Mass assembly from the UltraVISTA/COSMOS survey at 0.2<z<4 [Abst]

S. Arnouts     The UV side of the star formation and the decline of the SFRD [Abst]

A. Finoguenov     Studies of X-ray groups at z~1 [Abst]

B. Mobasher     Large scale structure in COSMOS: Properties of galaxies in filaments [Abst]

B. Vulcani     The mass assembly of groups and their BCGs [Abst]

K. Sheth     Evolution of the bar length in disks in COSMOS – Constraining the DM halo - disk evolution [Abst]

[11:00–11:15] <<< Coffee >>>

[11:15] Galaxy Evolution (15 min / talk)

N. Scoville     ALMA measurements of ISM evolution z = 0.3 to 2 [Abst]

E. Schinnerer     What is the predicted power of the sub-mm continuum for the molecular gas content

A. Karim     Planned and ongoing COSMOS observations at (sub)millimeter wavelengths

H. Inami     Hot dust emission in normal star-forming galaxies [Abst]

C.-L. Hung     Characterizing morphological properties of Herschel-selected galaxies at 0.2<z<1.5 [Abst]

[12:30–13:30] <<< Lunch >>>

[13:30] Moderate Redshift (15 min / talk)

C. Maier     A VLT-SUBARU synergy to establish the mass-metallicity relation of main sequence galaxies at z>2 [Abst]

D. Kashino     Properties of star-forming galaxies at z~1.5 in COSMOS measured with Subaru/FMOS [Abst]

H. J. Zahid     The mass-metallicity relation of star-forming galaxies at z~1.5 [Abst]

M. Akhlaghi     Clumpiness, mass and star formation in star forming galaxies at z~1.5

S. Tacchella     Comparing mass and light in main sequence galaxies at z~2 [Abst]

[14:45–15:00] <<< Coffee >>>

[15:00] Linking Dark and Visible Matter (15 min / talk)

S. More     Pseudo-evolution of halo mass [Abst]

M. Bethermin     Clustering properties of z~2 galaxies as a function of their physical properties [Abst]

M. Wolk     Measuring galaxy formation efficiency at z~2 with UltraVISTA COSMOS

K. Kettula     Weak lensing calibrated M-T scaling relation of galaxy groups in the COSMOS field [Abst]

A. Pénin     A model of clustering based on the specific star formation rate [Abst]

J. Taylor     Low-redshift clustering in COSMOS [Abst]

[16:30] Discussion / Working Groups (meeting rooms II, III, IV)

[18:00–20:00] <<< Welcome dinner at Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort >>>

22 May (Wed)

[09:00–09:30] <<< Registration / Coffee / Light Breakfast >>>

[09:30] AGNs (15 min / talk)

T. Miyaji     X-ray luminosity function of AGNs: COSMOS survey perspective [Abst]

A. Schulze     The cosmic growth of the active black hole population in zCOSMOS, VVDS and SDSS [Abst]

C. Steinhardt     The COSMOS view of the quasar mass-luminosity plane

A. Bongiorno     Accreting SMBH in the COSMOS field and their host galaxies [Abst]

V. Mainieri     Hunting for large scale nuclear outflows: AGNs in the "forbidden zone" [Abst]

V. Allevato     Clustering of high-z X-ray AGN

[11:00–11:30] <<< Coffee >>>

[11:30] AGNs (15 min / talk)

B. Trakhtenbrot     Fast Growth of SMBHs and Host Galaxies at z~5 [Abst]

K. Schawinski     Black hole growth at very high redshift [Abst]

[12:00] Mergers and LIRGs (15 min / talk)

N. Lee     SEDs and AGN/starburst diagnostics of Herschel selected sources

C. K. Xu     A Herschel study on the K-S law for mergers and for normal galaxies since z=1 [Abst]

A. Man     Galaxy merger rate measurements at z=0-3 in COSMOS

T. Oogi     Dry mergers and size evolution of early-type galaxies [Abst]

C. Lackner     Extremely close pairs in COSMOS [Abst]

[13:15] Discussion

[13:30] <<< Lunch / Free Afternoon >>>

23 May (Thu)

[09:00–09:30] <<< Registration / Coffee / Light Breakfast >>>

[09:30] High Redshift (15 min / talk)

N. Yoshida     Formation of the first stars, galaxies, and blackholes [Abst]

M. Ouchi     Hyper Suprime-Cam deep survey for high-z galaxies in a cosmological volume

O. Le Fevre     VIMOS ultra deep survey status; redshifts 2<z<6+ [Abst]

Y. Kakazu     Composite spectra of high-redshift galaxies in COSMOS [Abst]

A. Faisst     Confirming or denying z~7.7 LAEs at z>7 LBGs in COSMOS

[10:45–11:15] <<< Coffee >>>

[11:15] Passive Galaxies at z~2 (15 min / talk)

S. Toft     Z>3 submillimeter galaxies as progenitors of z=2 compact quiescent galaxies

M. Onodera     Stellar population of passively evolving galaxies at z~1.6 [Abst]

[11:45] HSC and Related Surveys (15 min / talk)

T. Yamada     WISH for COSMOS [Abst]

T. Moriya     High-z superluminous supernova survey with HSC and SPLASH [Abst]

[12:15] Discussion

[12:30–13:30] <<< Lunch >>>

[13:30] HSC and Related Surveys (30 min / talk)

H. Murayama     Dark Matter and Dark Energy from Particle Physicists' Perspective

S. Miyazaki     Commissioning of Hyper Suprime-Cam and the survey plan [Abst]

[14:30] Discussion

[15:00–15:30] <<< Coffee >>>

[15:30] K. Nel     Art of the COSMOS (30 min)

[16:00] Discussion / Working Groups (meeting rooms II, III, IV available until 18:00)

[17:00] SSC Meeting (meeting room IV)

[19:00–21:00] <<< Conference dinner at Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

24 May (Fri)

[09:00–10:00] <<< Registration / Coffee / Light Breakfast >>>

[10:00] Techniques and New Data (15 min / talk)

F. Civano     Chandra program

M. Salvato     Multi-lambda matching

A. More     Strong gravitational lensing and HSC [Abst]

J. Kartaltepe     FMOS Survey of the COSMOS field [Abst]

J. Silverman     FMOS status

[11:15–11:45] <<< Coffee >>>

[11:45] Radio / Sub-mm / IR (15 min / talk)

H. McCracken     UltraVISTA DR2 status

V. Smolcic     JVLA-COSMOS status update

J. Staguhn     Deep surveys at 2 mm with GISMO [Abst]

D. Sanders     SCUBA-2

P. Capak     SPLASH

[13:00] Closing

N. Scoville    

[13:30] <<< Lunch >>>

Conference hall and meeting rooms II & IV available until 15:00 for discussion

Poster Presentations

[1] M. Akiyama     Census of active super massive black holes at z=1–2 [Abst]

[2] J. Coupon     Automated SED adaptation for photo-z using COSMOS/ultraVISTA data

[3] T. Hashimoto     Census of active super massive black holes at z=1–2 [Abst]

[4] A. Ichikawa     Optical properties of a narrowband filter for HSC, NB718 [Abst]

[5] K. Ichikawa     Mid-Infrared properties of hard X-ray selected AGNs in the local universe [Abst]

[6] M. Kajisawa     Evolution of galaxies with episodic star formation at 0.2<z<0.8 in COSMOS

[7] T. Kawamuro     Broad band X-ray spectra of two low-luminosity active galactic nuclei NGC 1566 and NGC 4941 [Abst]

[8] M. Kobayashi     A model prediction for the nature of Lyman alpha emitters [Abst]

[9] K. Matsubayashi     Ionization source of a minor-axis cloud in the outer halo of M82 [Abst]

[10] K. Matsui     CO observations of optically selected disk galaxies at z~0.1–0.2 [Abst]

[11] K. Matsuoka     A comparative analysis of virial black-hole mass estimates of moderate-luminosity AGNs using Subaru/FMOS [Abst]

[12] T. Miyaji     CSTAK: Stacking analysis of Chandra images on the web [Abst]

[13] K. Murata     Automatic classification of galaxy morphology using machine learning [Abst]

[14] T. Murayama     Morphological properties of Lyman alpha emitters at z~4.9 in the COSMOS Field

[15] F. Tazaki     Torus structure of luminous radio-loud AGNs observed with Suzaku [Abst]

[16] K. Yabe     NIR Spectroscopy of star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 with Subaru/FMOS [Abst]

Registration Fee

Registration fee: JPY 15,000 7,000 (changed on 08/05/2013)
Welcome dinner: JPY 7,000
Conference dinner: JPY 8,000

Payment must be made at the registration desk in Japanese Yen and must be made ONLY IN CASH.
We cannot accept credit cards or checks.

Conference Events

Welcome Dinner

Funatsuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort

21 May (Tue) 18:00–20:00

Fee: JPY 7,000

From Kyoto University to Funatsuru, please take the #17 bus at Hyakumanben bus stop and get off at Kawaramachi-Matsubara (see the map below for the bus stops and the route). The fare is JPY 220.

Conference Dinner

Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

23 May (Thu) 19:00–21:00

Fee: JPY 8,000

From Kyoto University to Ganko Nijoen, please take the #3 bus or the #17 bus at Hyakumanben bus stop and get off at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae (Kyoto city ward office) bus stop (see the map below for the bus stops and the routes). The fare is JPY 220.


Conference Place

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