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  2. Only 5 slides / each talk – this is FIRM.
  3. Prepare extended PDF with more detailed talk and send it to
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It is most worthwhile if the 5 slides focus very specifically on your recent results and issues for which you would like discussion and questions.


[Program PDF]

2009 COSMOS Team Meeting
15-18 June 2009
Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution (RCSCE)
Ehime University

will take place at
Center for Information Technology (CITE)

Posters — hung throughout meeting

D. Looper     Selection for Separating Ultracool Objects from Quasars [Abst]

M. Cisternas     The morphologies of type-1 AGN host galaxies [Abst]

T. Murayama     ACS morphology of LAEs at z=4.9 in the COSMOS field [Abst]

K. Matsuoka     Cosmic Metallicity Evolution Traced by Active Galactic Nuclei and Its Application to the COSMOS Data Set [Abst]

M. Kobayashi     A Theoretical Model for LAE in Hierarchical Galaxy Formation: Comparison with the LAEs at z=4.86 in the COSMOS 2-sq. degree Field [Abst]

G. Lanzuisi     X-ray spectral analysis of sources in the Chandara COSMOS survey [Abst]

C. Mancini     Are all high-z Early-Type galaxies really small? [Abst]

June 15 (Mon)

[9:00–10:00] <<< Registration/Coffee >>>

[10:00] Introduction

Prof. Ryuichi Yatabe (Executive Director of Ehime University)

                 Welcome Address from Ehime University

Y. Taniguchi & N. Scoville     Logistics and Introduction of attendees

[10:10] Project Status & Data sets:

P. Shopbell     COSMOS Data Products: Current and Future [Abst] [PDF]

Y. Taniguchi     New Suprime-Cam z'-band data [Abst] [PDF]

H. McCracken     New COSMOS-H Data [Abst]

S. Lilly     ZCOSMOS: Overview of status and key results [Abst]

M. Elvis     Chandra COSMOS Survey: Status and New Proposal [Abst] [PDF]

D. Sanders     New results from the S-COSMOS Survey [Abst] [PDF]

V. Smolčić     320 MHz observations of the COSMOS [Abst]

A. Renzini     Status and Perspectives of the zCOSMOS-SINFONI Project [Abst] [PDF]

[11:30] LSS & Dark Matter:

N. Scoville     Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Properties to z=2.5 [Abst] [PDF]

Q. Guo     Mock COSMOS surveys: galaxy formation in a simulated universe [Abst]

R. Massey     Weak Lensing — pix-by-pix CTE correction in COSMOS ACS images [Abst]

E. Semboloni     Three point-shear statistics measurement with the COSMOS data [Abst]

[12:10–12:40] Open Discussion

[12:40–14:00] <<< Lunch >>>

[14:00] AGN — Part I:

A. Comastri     AGN Science and High z Quasars in COSMOS survey [Abst]

K. Iwasawa     Mean X-ray spectral properties of XMM-COSMOS AGN [Abst] [PDF]

F. Civano     Finding goodies in the identifications of Chandra sources [Abst] [PDF]

H. Hao     Type 1 AGN SEDs in COSMOS: Redshift Evolution [Abst] [PDF]

M. Brusa     Obscured and Unobscured AGN population in COSMOS [Abst]

F. Fiore     Chasing highly obscured AGN in the COSMOS field [Abst]

E. Treister     The Obscuration of COSMOS AGN [Abst] [PDF]

J. Trump     Obscuration and Fueling of AGN in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

[15:30–16:00] <<<Coffee >>>

[16:00–17:30] Working Group Discussion

[17:30] Session closed

[19:00–21:00] <<<Welcome reception at Matsuyama ANA hotel / 14F Dinning Room >>>

June 16 (Tue)

[8:30] Galaxy properties at z < 3 — Part I:

M. Carollo     Assembling Massive galaxies [Abst] [PDF]

G. Coppa     ZCOSMOS 10k sample: two classification methods for galaxies [Abst] [PDF]

O. Cucciati     zCOSMOS 10k-sample: Galaxy stellar mass and colour-density relation [Abst] [PDF]

L. Tasca     The relative role of environment and stellar mass in shaping galaxies [Abst]

P. G. Perez-Gonzalez     Environmental effects on mass assembly of galaxies at z<4 [Abst] [PDF]

N. Arimoto     Absorption Lines Study of pBzK Galaxies with Subaru/MOIRCS [Abst]

M. Onodera     NIR spectroscopic survey of pBzKs with Subaru/MOIRCS [Abst] [PDF]

[9:40] Star Forming Galaxies:

J. Kartaltepe     Properties of 70 micron selected sources [Abst] [PDF]

C. Feruglio     Obscured star-formation and environment in S-COSMOS [Abst]

L. Yan     SCOSMOS IRS Spectroscopy of Galaxies across the Green Valley [Abst]

[10:10–10:50] <<< Coffee >>>

A. Karim     Star formation history of mass-selected galaxies from radio stacking [Abst] [PDF] [Keynote]

R. M. Rich     Low Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

Y. Kakazu     Searches for Ultra-Strong Emission Line Galaxies in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

J. Huang     [OII] emission line galaxies in the intermediate redshift [Abst]

Y. Ideue     Environmental Dependence of Specific SFRs at z~1.2 in COSMOS [Abst]

P. Ranalli     X-ray emitting, star-forming galaxies in the COSMOS field [Abst] [PDF]

D. Vergani     Physical properties of galaxies in their post-starburst phase [Abst] [PDF]

[12:00–12:30] Open Discussion

[12:30–14:00] <<< Lunch >>>

[14:00] High-z:

P. Capak     The High-Redshift COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

Y. Shioya     A Comparative Study of LAE and LBG using COSMOS-20 [Abst]

B. Mobasher     Comparison of properties of LAEs and LBGs in COSMOS [Abst]

T. Saito     Comprehensive study of Ly-alpha blobs with Subaru COSMOS20 [Abst]

K. Sheth     CARMA observations of COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

E. Schinnerer     Dust, Molecular Gas and Star Formation in High z Galaxies [Abst] [PDF]

A. Koekemoer     The High Redshift X-ray-Selected AGN Population in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

[15:10] LSS & Clustering (Clusters of Galaxies):

A. Finoguenov     X-ray galaxy groups in statistical studies of galaxy evolution [Abst]

M. Salvato     Spectroscopic follow up of high z clusters/Optically varying sources in Cosmos/ photoz for chandra:dfferences from XMM [Abst]

M. Tanaka     Progress report on X-ray clusters at z>1 [Abst]

[15:40–16:30] <<< Coffee >>>

[16:30–18:00] Working Group Discussion

[18:00] Session closed

June 17 (Wed)

[8:30] AGN — Part II:

J. Silverman     AGN content of the zCOSMOS deep sample [Abst]

E. Lusso     Panchromatic views of the evolution of supermassive black holes [Abst] [PDF]

T. Miyaji     New X-ray LF of AGNs in XMM-COSMOS and C-COSMOS [Abst]

K. Jahnke     Tales of galaxies, black holes, and stuff falling in (chapter II) [Abst]

A. Bongiorno     On the cosmic evolution of the scaling relations between black holes and their host galaxies as revealed by Broad Line AGN in the COSMOS survey [Abst] [PDF]

R. Gilli     The AGN-galaxy cross correlation function in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

[9:30] Clustering, Weak Lensing and Galaxy Pairs:

A. Leauthaud     Dark matter halos of galaxies and groups of galaxies [Abst]

B. Meneux     ZCOSMOS: galaxy clustering as a function of luminosity and mass [Abst] [PDF]

L. De Ravel     zCosmos survey : Evolution of merger rates and environment at z~1 [Abst] [PDF]

P. Kampczyk     Properties and environments of the close kinematic pairs in zCOSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

[10:10–10:40] <<< Coffee >>>

J. Taylor     Getting More out of Weak Lensing in COSMOS [Abst] [PDF]

J. Bergé     Weak gravitational lensing bispectrum in COSMOS [Abst]

E. Jullo     High Resolution matter mapping in COSMOS field with lensing [Abst]

[11:10] Galaxy properties at z <3 — Part II:

S. Giodini     Stellar and Total Baryon Mass Fractions in Groups/Clusters at z<1 [Abst] [PDF]

M. Bolzonella     Environmental effects in the Galaxy Mass Function up to z~1 [Abst] [PDF]

C. Maier     Which galaxies contribute to the SFRD over the past 8 Gyr? [Abst] [PDF]

M. Sargent     The Evolution of the IR-Radio Relation [Abst] [PDF]

H. Messias     IR LFs for IRAC selected sources and ERGs in COSMOS [Abst]

[12:00–12:30] Open Discussion

[12:30–14:00] <<< Lunch >>>

[14:00–14:30] COSMOS Special

K. Nel     Views of the cosmos [Abst]

[14:30–16:00] Working Group Discussion

[16:00] Session closed

[16:00–] <<< HOT-SPA — ONSEN break >>>

[19:00–21:00] <<< Team Dinner at Funaya Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) >>>

June 18 (Thu)

[9:00] Working Group Summaries


Data Products






[10:10–11:00] <<< Coffee >>>

[11:00] Report from SSC, Future Plans, & Discussion

[12:30] Session Closed

<<< Excursion: half-day bus tour to Uchiko area and famous temples in Matsuyama >>>

Places and Rooms

The main conference place is in the building of Center for Information Technology, Ehime University (CITE) at the western part of Johoku campus (see maps). This building is usually called "Media Center" in Ehime University. The main conference room and a discussion room are placed in CITE. Registration desk will be open in front of the conference room during the meeting (15-18 June).

For participants' convenience, a discussion room and an internet room are available in the building where Research Center for Space and Cosmic Evolution (RCSCE) is placed. The building is named "Science Research Building 1" at the east end of Johoku campus (see maps). The registration desk will be open in RCSCE in the evening on 14 June.

"Media Center"
Science Research Building 1
img img
Registration desk
The registration desk will be open from 5pm to 7pm on 14 June in room 674, 6th floor, RCSCE.

During the team meeting (15-18 June), the registration desk will be placed in front of the conference room (105 , 1st floor, CITE).

The regstration fee is JPY 15,000. It includes the welcome reception and the team dinner. Payment must be made at the registration desk in Japanese Yen and must be made ONLY IN CASH. We cannot accept credit cards or checks.
Conference room: CITE 105
The conference will take place in the main hall (room 105, 1st floor) of the CITE building.

A LAN port and an electrical outlet are equipped at each seat near around.

Wireless LAN connection in this room is basically not open for our conference. Please prepare a LAN cable (~1 meter) for your internet access. Each user is required to input an individual ID and a correct password in the certification web page before direct connection to internet is admitted. An instruction document with the ID and the corresponding password will be given at registration.

The Japanese plug and socket system is a type of two flat parallel blades, and there is usually no third hole for the grounded line. You may need an adapter to fit your plugs to Japanese sockets.

Conference hall A LAN port and an outlet
img img
Discussion rooms: CITE 104 & RCSCE 486
Two rooms are open for attendees, one is in CITE (room 104, 1st floor) and the other is in RCSCE (room 486, 4th floor). Feel free to use them for discussion.
Internet access: RCSCE 674
In addition to the internet access in the conference room, wireless LAN connection is available in room 674, 6th floor, RCSCE.
Welcome Reception & Team Dinner
We would like sincerely to invite to Welcome Reception on 15 June held in a dinning room, 14th floor, ANA hotel Matsuyama at the city center, Okaido.

On 17 June, please enjoy Team Dinner at Funaya Ryokan in Dogo Onsen. Funaya is a Japanese style hotel with a history over 380 years.

Please see maps for direction to ANA hotel and Funaya Ryokan.

ANA Hotel Matsuyama
img img img

Funaya Ryokan
img img img

Time Table

[Time Table PDF]

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[Map PDF]

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Address Cards

Here are some convenient cards when you take a taxi to your hotel, airport, and so on.
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